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Interest: The Unbelievers

I have been waiting for this movie for a while now and it’s finally out!! I recommend watching this with a bunch of people with different religious backgrounds. It is a great way to have deep, meaningful, civilized discussion. Personally, I find it mind stimulating, especially when we live in a place where it is rare to find something stimulating and inspiring to talk about, people here are rarely honest with their beliefs because of social pressure and religious guilt or simply because they don’t want to think! It is much easier for people to accept what they have been told or have faith in something , which might be wrong,  just because it brings them comfort.  I think facing reality heads on, which science does, is more challenging and mind altering. Regardless of your belief system, watching this, hopefully, with an open mind, might give you a different perspective on how some people understand the world we live in. Watch it and let us discuss :)


For the full movie, click here.


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