My name is Jana Khaldoun Alnaqeeb. I was born in Kuwait in 1980. I am a generalist individual being.  I go from one project to another because life is about change. I do not conform to society and I like to learn and explore. This blog is for me to share my views and raise awareness about important issues such as censorship, religion, science and other subjects of personal interest, through images, video and text. I am also the youngest daughter of the late sociologist Khaldoun Alnaqeeb, my loving father and contributor of 50% of my genes.  I have archived his papers and works and they can be found at www.khaldounalnaqeeb.com. My sisters and I founded the Yoga Center Kuwait. Which is a center dedicated to teach all kinds of yoga for women. More can be found at www.theyogacenter.me.



  1. A local woman’s point of view of science, religion and social affair? And she takes the Science approach to understand and share? This should be interesting.

  2. thenoveilst says:

    Love the part about the yoga centre, especially as my page is largely about yoga and bhakti-yoga. 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I’m a Graphic designer from Portugal, found some of you microscopic images and loved them.
    I would like to know if i could use one of them for a Scientific magazine that i’m designing.

    Joana Valadão

  4. Rick Harris says:

    I am an amateur photographer in the US. I love your tent at night in the snow. Could I have your permission to use the photo as a Christmas card — strictly for personal use to be sent to about 200 friends?

  5. Rick Harris says:

    Absolutely. How should I send it to you.

  6. Rick Harris says:

    Unfortunately, my wife wants to use one of my photos but thank you. Your photos are spectacular and your photoshop skills are amazing. Where do you live now and how much traveling do you do each year?

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