Music: In The Mood For Love

Music: All Is Full of Love – Bjork

Music: Someone You Love – Tina Dico

Music: Reckoner – Radiohead

Music: Bjork & Antony Hegarty – The Dull Flame of Desire

Music: Ma – Guru Ganesha Singh & Snatam Kaur

Music: The Joy of Discovery – Bill Nye

Music: Antonio Vivaldi – “Summer” From Four Seasons

Music: Tina Dico – Let’s Get Lost

Music: Symphony of Science – The Greatest Show on Earth

Music: Tina Dico and Helgi Jonsson – True North

Music: Tina Dico – Interview

Tina Dico is such an amazing human being. She understands life through words and waves of sound transformed into beautiful songs. She is a free thinker who’s able to evolve and adapt to her surroundings. From climate change, to love songs she captures the audience with her breathtaking performances. I can’t wait to see her perform live sometime this summer.

Music: Bjork – Hyperballad

Music: PJ Harvey – The Glorious Land

Music: Ani DiFranco – Crime For Crime

No human being willingly or intentionally likes to kill, steal and hurt another human being unless she/he is a psychopath or mentally ill. Think about it for a minute before you disagree with me. Humans have evolved to be social and to work together to get more protection, food and back up from other fellow humans. If you kill someone, you know immediately that you will be punished by your family, society and your country. Having said that, no one has the authority or the power to kill another human being. I think the best way to punish criminals is by locking them up in facilities where there are specialists, who can analyze the situation and rehabilitate them to go back to their lives. This way you create more jobs and add value to society’s nourishment. Sadly, our prison system in Kuwait and all over the world, is the worst place to be. It is the easy way out. Humans are treated like undeveloped animals, which makes them worst then what they were. This is a controversial topic and I tend to simplify things so if you have questions or comments please send them through and I will add to your point. I dedicate this song to people who still believe in death penalty. Enjoy!

Music: Tori Amos – Crucify

Music: Symphony of Science – Secret of the Stars

Music: Joan As Police Woman – Start of My Heart

Music: Vennu Mallesh – It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

Freedom of expression is liberating especially through music. I love how music expresses our culture, ideas and shows how diverse we are but at the end of the day, we all want the same thing, which is to express ourselves.

Music: Tina Dico. No Time To Sleep