Articles: Is Nature Unnatural?

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Video: Dr. Lawrence Krauss on The Poetry of The Universe

Articles: 10 Mind-Bending Discoveries In Physics

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Video: The Matter We Can’t See – James Gillies

Oh the wonder of the universe! How lovely to live in a time where we can grasp most of the ideas we know about our expanding universe. I hope I can live old enough to hear all the new discoveries about dark matter, black holes and dark energy. We are getting there thanks to all the experimental scientists in the world of cosmology 🙂

Video: Wanderers – Carl Sagan on Human Evolution and Exploration

Video: The Most Astounding Fact – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Articles: Front Row at the Dawn of Time

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Video: Our Story in 1 Minute

Video: The Universe – Brian Cox Lecture

You can’t speak about the universe and not mention Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein.  These two great men discovered two main principles in physics. Einstein dedicated his life to understand the world of the very big, general relativity and Feynman focused on the world of the very small, quantum physics. In this lecture, Brian Cox beautifully describes the role of scientific thinking and how these two men changed the way we think about the universe up until this day. Enjoy!

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Music: Symphony of Science – Secret of the Stars

Video: God, The Universe and Everything Else (Arabic Subtitled)

This is a 1988 classic interview between three influential pioneers of space. Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke.  An astronomer, a theoretical physicist and a science fiction author and filmmaker. Discussing black holes, the big bang theory and mankind.

Video: Powers of Ten

I don’t think language can cope with the magnificence of space. We need to evolve and come up with new words to explain the massive scale of the universe, not just mathematically, but linguistically. Visually, i believe we can. Thanks to our up to date telescopes. We not only can measure space but we can see it too (up to a certain point, which is before the big bang). We are able to go back in time to hundreds of millions of  light years to appreciate the construct of the universe.  This 1977 video is one of many showing us visually the space we live in.

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Lawrence Krauss

Video: A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss

This is one of the most watched lectures on YouTube. Lawrence Krauss has a special way of simplifying complicated theories in physics and cosmology to the public. He also has a great book on this lecture called ” A Universe From Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing