Articles: I Was Raised Without Religion – And I’m Glad

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The Billboard: Christopher Hitchens


The Billboard: Lawrence Krauss


The Billboard: Steven Weinberg


Video: Eddie Griffin – “You Can Tell ‘Em I Said it.”

I think it is worthwhile watching the full show here.

The Billboard: Bill Nye


The Billboard: Sam Harris


Video: The Psychology of Belief – Are the Religious Less Intelligent?

Video: Christopher Hitchens vs Tony Blair (Arabic Subtitled)

This is an old debate but its a classic, I felt I have to have it on my blog at some point. Enjoy!

Articles: Religion And The Battle For Free Speech

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The Billboard: Brad Pitt


The Billboard: Gwyneth Paltrow


Video: Sam Harris – Why I Criticize Religion?

Lately, Sam Harris has been accused of attacking religion, specifically Islam. He discusses openly the important issues related to blind faith and organized religion. I think it is time to acknowlege the danger of blind faith and face the people who literarily believe in ancient teachings. It is the duty of every single being, regardless of faith, to criticize and stand up to ignorance but most of all, the duty relies the most on poeple who still call themselves religious or modern believers.  At the end of the day, all Sam is doing is practicing his freedom of speech.  I think it is time for battle using words not guns. Enjoy!

Articles: 10 Reasons For Man to Leave Religion Behind

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The Billboard: Bertrand Russell


Articles: Religion & Mental Health: New Study Links Belief In ‘Punitive God’ To Emotional Problems

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Video: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett

A wonderful conversation between four great men who in this video I like to call the Four Musketeers.  Each approaches this constant idealogical battle in their own style, taking their distinct backgrounds to lay a unified argument in the fight against superstition, myth and religion.  Richard Dawkins provides a biological and evolutionary insight, while Christopher Hitchens offers his unique form of eloquent logic and reason.  Sam Harris enlightens us through the neuroscience perspective and finally Daniel Dennett applies philosophical reasoning.  All for one and one for all.  It is refreshing to listen to a discussion and have the chance to make up your own mind, unlike fundamental evangelists who tell you how to think and act. Enjoy!

Video: Jim Jeffries at His Best

Video: If You Want To Be Awe Inspired – Christopher Hitchens

The Billboard: Blasphemy