Video: Sam Harris – Why I Criticize Religion?

Lately, Sam Harris has been accused of attacking religion, specifically Islam. He discusses openly the important issues related to blind faith and organized religion. I think it is time to acknowlege the danger of blind faith and face the people who literarily believe in ancient teachings. It is the duty of every single being, regardless of faith, to criticize and stand up to ignorance but most of all, the duty relies the most on poeple who still call themselves religious or modern believers.  At the end of the day, all Sam is doing is practicing his freedom of speech.  I think it is time for battle using words not guns. Enjoy!


  1. Loved this. (I’m an ex muslim)

  2. Who said Islam is all about blind faith? some of the things are actually proven with modern science, and others are just plain history like any other history book. This is what we call faith. I recommend that you also look into Moderate muslim books and speak to modern muslim shaikhs who beleive in the science aspect too like Dr. Tareq Al-Habib. People who genuinely understand islam would never do what extremists do or say. I’m a muslim and believe in science to some extent too. Islam believes in science too 😉

    • Thank you Nour for your comment. Faith is believing in something without evidence. Unlike science, which is about progress and change and not devoting yourself to one idea. If you are the kind of Muslim who is willing to adapt to new evidence about the world we live in and still decide to keep your faith then thats fine by me but if your are the kind of Muslim who believes that the Quran is the only source of information and want everyone to be like you then you are at danger to yourself and others. I hope you are the first kind 🙂

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