Articles: What Science Is-How and Why It Works

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Articles: The War on Reason

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Video: The Great Debate – Can Science Tell Us Right From Wrong?

I believe that if you are a person who exercises reason and rationality in your everyday life, then you are a scientist at heart. Without science and critical thinking, societies will not flourish and develop. This debate covers all angles, from philosophy to social science to physics and biology, all of these fields can only help us understand the world if we use them in a rational way.  Very interesting debate. I have selected two options to watch, you can either watch the full debate, which requires few hours of your time or watch Lawrence Krauss’s speech which, for me, one of the best speeches given along with Sam Harris and Steven Pinker. Enjoy!

For the Full debate watch this:

For Lawrence Krauss speech watch this:

Video: Reality is Liberating – Lawrence Krauss

“The great thing about science is not knowing and thats what makes it exciting…” Simple and yet profound words by Lawrence Krauss that always inspires me.

Video: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett

A wonderful conversation between four great men who in this video I like to call the Four Musketeers.  Each approaches this constant idealogical battle in their own style, taking their distinct backgrounds to lay a unified argument in the fight against superstition, myth and religion.  Richard Dawkins provides a biological and evolutionary insight, while Christopher Hitchens offers his unique form of eloquent logic and reason.  Sam Harris enlightens us through the neuroscience perspective and finally Daniel Dennett applies philosophical reasoning.  All for one and one for all.  It is refreshing to listen to a discussion and have the chance to make up your own mind, unlike fundamental evangelists who tell you how to think and act. Enjoy!

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Video: Steven Pinker – You’re Already Committed to Reason

Articles: Women In 50s Have Most Empathy

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The Billboard: Uncle Charles Says

Uncle Charles Says

Video: Ayn Rand. Faith Vs Reason

Video: The Best of Christopher Hitchens (Arabic Subtitled)

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Stephen Fry

Video: Critical Thinking