Video: Does Money Make You Mean?

Video: The Power of Outrospection – Empathy

I have been an advocate of empathy the moment my father once told me to look up the definition of the word for myself in the dictionary. Ever since, I have read about and researched the meaning of empathy, and set aside the encountered examples of its application and “practice.” I have become more compassionate in attempting to understand the people around me, and mostly those who are different than me in terms of ideology, ethnic background and age.  This video explains the definition of empathy and the different ways to be empathetic, a key variable towards a better, more tolerant and less judgmental society.  It really is the only way forward to avoid conflict and war. Must watch!

The Billboard: Jim Al-Khalili


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The Billboard: Empathy


Video: Steven Pinker – You’re Already Committed to Reason

Articles: Women In 50s Have Most Empathy

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Video: Love

I don’t usually celebrate valentines day but today i wanted to share a video done by a good friend of mine about love. Her blog, bird talk, has more videos with simple messages that are effective and beautiful. check out smile, eat and dance.

Photography: The Faces Behind a Cleaner Kuwait

These are the heroes who clean our streets day and night. They are the reason why the locals litter, thinking that these men will clean after them. Unfortunately, they can’t keep up!