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Books: What Do Women Want? – Daniel Bergner

Upon Stephen Hawking turning 70, he had this to say about women: “They are a complete mystery to me.”  With no answers coming from Mr. Hawking, what can be interpreted from the many studies on women conducted over the years, and to increase the degree of difficulty, specifically relating to the female sexual desire. We know that men have their own ‘desire pill,’ Viagra, as a physical and psychological aid to the gentleman’s libido.  Women have no such pill.  It is not because women are less sexual to warrant a boost in their desire for lust, but instead the reason may lie in the fact that women’s desire has been under-researched and overlooked.  This book is a compilation of the efforts made to better understand female desire.  Meredith Chivers looked to remedy this, and was one of the first women to study the female sexual desire, shedding light on this controversial ‘non-scientific’ topic back in the 90’s. Her experiments showed very interesting results, and techniques used to measure the arousal level for heterosexual women was by showing them images of straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex and monkey sex and gauging and recording the resulting impulses. Interestingly enough, heterosexual women were aroused by all the above, unlike the rest of their counterparts; i.e. heterosexual men, and homosexual men and women. Her work is mentioned regularly in this book, along with others who paid particular interest in this field.  Marta Meana was another who presented an interesting theory regarding the female desire, and it was with the narcism approach.  Women want to feel wanted, and “being desired is the real orgasm.” The book touches on monogamy, providing case studies arguing that humans are not necesarily monogamous by nature and that this is a myth, compounded by years of social and cultural pressure. One of the myths is that women are more monogamous than men, but that as well may not carry too much truth in it either.  There are in effect many arguments that may change the way we look at the female desire, or better yet, change the perception of it.  I, for example, think a breakdown between a man and woman in a relationship comes from women losing their desire and not necesarily just the men.  I would say ‘if only,’ women have the freedom to express their sexuality and avoid the trap of strictly pleasing the men, by putting an end to the discrepancy between the male and female sexual desire, we might all just relax a bit and live in less sexually frustrated societies.  This book makes you wonder with all the education it provides, and I myself as a woman ask, what do we really want?  Hope you are listening Mr. Hawking.



This is a discussion between the author, Daniel Bergner and other sexologists regarding the female desire, if you feel you want to have more information

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Interest: The Yoga Center Kuwait

Two of my sisters and I  have been planning a project over the past year to open a yoga center in Kuwait.  Catering strictly to women, June 1st 2013 was our first official day of operation after a long year of planning, construction and interviewing for instructors.  Still awestruck by the fact that we are now open for service, my initial impulse was that yesterday was a hell of a day, a mixture of sheer joy and excitement, especially in seeing women of all ages and backgrounds coming to support us and showing their interest in this ancient practice of yoga.  To me, it was sensational.

The Yoga Center Kuwait is located in Kuwait City offering several kinds of yoga for women. Unfortunately, Kuwait law imposes segregation between genders in all businesses that involve a form of exercise, unless the business itself belongs to or is adjacent to a hotel.  In this case, a license for a mixed gym can be granted.  Without getting into the hypocrisy of such a law, this is an element of Kuwait we either have to adapt to or change (requiring a time and effort by many, amongst other things.)  If step one is to introduce the lifestyle of yoga one gender at a time, then so be it, as we understood that there were already patches of exposure to the practice sporadically throughout Kuwait, mainly through individual interests and personal sessions.  Combining the chance to work with my sisters and for us to consolidate our mutual admiration for the discipline we all had a history with, the idea was to create an inviting environment and service for all things yoga.  Yoga has many benefits, whether in the mind or the body, but it also comes with many misconceptions and preconceived generalizations.  Some may think that you have to be a Buddhist to be a yogi, but that is not true, as yoga has evolved from ancient traditional practices in India to the shores of the western world where it is now a popular and hip lifestyle.  To me, what we want to offer is the simplification of yoga, in the novice’s application of it, in the understanding we may have of it, in the vitality of its construct, in that feeling, in that achievement, in that relaxation, in that reflection.  Yoga may have a certain foundation and a history, but for each one of us it should have no rules.  In a purely scientific view we can look at it to better understanding the human brain, the effects of actually breathing, the mechanics of anatomy and the counter mechanisms of the human body in states of balance, muscle memory and focus.  Other views may skew towards meditation, destressing, or an actual momentary awakening of the senses when we force ourselves to actually reconnect with what is truly ours and put the static noise to sleep albeit for a little while.  The noise from the street, the noise in our heads, the constant noise of today’s speedy global world, slowly fading as it becomes the sound of breathing, the sound of silence.  The message is that whatever it is, it’s ok.  Whatever yoga may be to you, whatever the belief, it is ok.  The overarching fact is that yoga is about loving and accepting our differences as humans and coming together to relax and unwind from everyday life, and what better way to do so than by starting with thinking clearly and feeling great yourself.  Yoga takes time and patience, and the results (mind and body) are usually secondary to the fact that by yoga we are really changing the way we live.

I took this picture below in my home studio with a friend who volunteers to model for our center.  She sits on my late father’s vintage book trunk reading my favorite book of Richard Feynman.  She also wears specialized yoga clothes available at the store at The Yoga Center Kuwait.


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Interest: Art. Ghadah Alkandari

Ghadah Alkandari is one of my favorite artists in this current time. Her shows offer a unique experience to the audience, allowing them to attend dressed in her themes, creating a unified atmosphere where one is completely sucked into her parallel world of contemporary artistic expression. A true icon of womanhood. checkout her blog
Art Ghadah AlkandariArt Ghadah Alkandari