The Billboard: Science (Wonder) Art


Travel: El Gouna – Egypt. 2012

El Gouna over looks the red sea, is a place were the privileged go to have fun on the beach. It wasn’t one of my favorite places but if you are into Kite surfing and diving then this is the place to be.  On the way to the beach you get to walk between an art installation of human Figure representing different segments of Egyptian society in this time we live in.

El-Gouna-Egypt-2012-1 El-Gouna-Egypt-2012-2 El-Gouna-Egypt-2012-3 El-Gouna-Egypt-2012-4

Video: Ai Weiwei – Never Sorry

Ai Weiwei is a chinese artist and activist. A very inspirational character with a sense of humor. It takes courage and honesty to be like him.

Interest: Art. Ghadah Alkandari

Ghadah Alkandari is one of my favorite artists in this current time. Her shows offer a unique experience to the audience, allowing them to attend dressed in her themes, creating a unified atmosphere where one is completely sucked into her parallel world of contemporary artistic expression. A true icon of womanhood. checkout her blog
Art Ghadah AlkandariArt Ghadah Alkandari

Music: Bjork – Joga

Bjork is one of my favorite musicians. I see her as a visionary who is not afraid to adapt and change with nature. Her nature is Iceland, a country that has geological landscapes more than one hundred million years old, adding to its beauty and mystery. She worked with the most creative producers, instruments and artists. She is way ahead of her time. Human behavior puzzled her so most of her songs are a beautiful manifestation of human emotions driven by the environment around us mixed with art.  Joga, is one of her magical songs.