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Articles: Are There Emotional no-go Areas Where Logic Dare Not Show its Face?

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Interest: The Unbelievers

I have been waiting for this movie for a while now and it’s finally out!! I recommend watching this with a bunch of people with different religious backgrounds. It is a great way to have deep, meaningful, civilized discussion. Personally, I find it mind stimulating, especially when we live in a place where it is rare to find something stimulating and inspiring to talk about, people here are rarely honest with their beliefs because of social pressure and religious guilt or simply because they don’t want to think! It is much easier for people to accept what they have been told or have faith in something , which might be wrong,  just because it brings them comfort.  I think facing reality heads on, which science does, is more challenging and mind altering. Regardless of your belief system, watching this, hopefully, with an open mind, might give you a different perspective on how some people understand the world we live in. Watch it and let us discuss 🙂


For the full movie, click here.

Video: Evolution From Bacteria To Apes – Richard Dawkins

Video: Why Are There Still Chimpanzees?

Interest: Consensus? Science Talks Event

I was very excited to attend this event in London on November 16th 2013.  To my surprise, Consensus? Science Talks was organized to raise awareness for Alfred Russel Wallace, the man who for years, in parallel with Charles Darwin, approached thoughts and observations that would lead to the breakthroughs on the theory of evolution.  I did not really know anything about Wallace or how he contributed, in writing and research before and with Darwin prior to the event, but from the quality of the speakers and a full auditoreum, I understood that this might be a case of Wallace slipping through on deserved credit in the annals of historical records.  This was confirmed when we were informed that the proceeds of this event were to be for the newly erected statue of Wallace outside London’s Natural History Museum.  Each speaker spoke about how Wallace influenced them in their own particular way. Bill Bailey, Patron of the Wallace Fund and comedian, spoke about The Making of a Jungle Hero, a documentary by the BBC of Wallace’s exploits in the Indonesian archipelago and his fervor for collecting samples. Richard Fortey, a paleontologist, spoke about the evidence in fossils and the DNA of evolution long after the death of the two great men. Richard Wiseman presented the psychological take of the sciences, and perception, for even a scientist like Wallace believed in superstition and ghosts.  Jonny Berliner, sang songs about Wallace, dark matter, DNA and a classic eighties rendition power ballad dedicated to Faraday . He was, in my opinion, the star of the event. Very smart and witty, scientific, and a talented musician. Richard Dawkins emphasized education, and how evolution is the new classics and how it should be tought in universities as a major department because evolution is in everything; examples of which were given for economics, literature, ideas, politics, environment and other compnents of any syllabus.  It was a long day and after the lectures, Entangled Bank organized an intimate dinner party at the Linnean Society of London which I had purchased tickets for.  I did not make the dinner.  I think not going was the biggest regret I will have in my life, but I was so tired and my body took a hold of me. Ghadah, , your business cards were too precious for me to give away anyways :), but I promise I will use them next time when I attend future events like these.

Music: Symphony of Science – The Greatest Show on Earth

Video: Richard Dawkins on Altruism and The Selfish Gene

Video: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett

A wonderful conversation between four great men who in this video I like to call the Four Musketeers.  Each approaches this constant idealogical battle in their own style, taking their distinct backgrounds to lay a unified argument in the fight against superstition, myth and religion.  Richard Dawkins provides a biological and evolutionary insight, while Christopher Hitchens offers his unique form of eloquent logic and reason.  Sam Harris enlightens us through the neuroscience perspective and finally Daniel Dennett applies philosophical reasoning.  All for one and one for all.  It is refreshing to listen to a discussion and have the chance to make up your own mind, unlike fundamental evangelists who tell you how to think and act. Enjoy!

Video: The Great Debate: The Storytelling of Science

What an amazing event! Intriguing stories, great thinkers and most of all, a very entertaining gathering of some of the best in their field. I truly recommend watching both parts of the symposium, as part 2 has the questions and answers portion, with some extra enthusiasm with Neil deGrasse Tyson’s participation.

Video: Richard Dawkins and Ricky Gervais on Religion

Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins – The Poetry of Science