Video: Christopher Hitchens vs Tony Blair (Arabic Subtitled)

This is an old debate but its a classic, I felt I have to have it on my blog at some point. Enjoy!


  1. Jana, thank you for posting these videos; I very much enjoyed watching them. I’ve watched a number of similar debates and I often feel that the debater who stands on the side of religion, strongly believes that religion and morality go hand in hand, (even, as in this case, when the accusation is denied.) I disagree with this assertion, believing we have an innate desire to do right and it is abuse (in all forms) that distorts or destroys that natural state of being. We have a conscience that will steer us in the proper direction and we don’t need a religion to activate it.

    • I agree with you! I think there are good people and there are bad people in this world. Your actions are determined by a combination of your passed on genes and your environment. Recent studies show that you can alter your genes and change who you are if you are aware of it (epigenetic). So we don’t need religion to tell us what to do, all we need to do is be nice to one another other 🙂 Thanks for feedback!

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