Video: George Carlin – Bullshit Is Everywhere

The Billboard: The Truth


Video: George Carlin – Brain Droppings

I have stumbled upon this rare video of George Carlin on YouTube giving a nationally broadcast speech on C-SPAN in 1999. Watch the first few awkward moments where it seems clear that this was not a natural environment for him to be in, but as usual he used themes on language, politics and life in general to give an amazing speech. You will definitely pay more attention to the language used on the news today and listen differently to the responses being given by politicians as they are being interviewed.  Enjoy!

The Billboard: Ricky Gervais


The Billboard: Oscar Wilde


Video: George Carlin – On Our Similarities

Video: George Carlin – People are Boring

I love George Carlin. That’s all I can say really!!

Video: Jim Jeffries at His Best