Video: How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity

Video: Why Do We Go to Space?

Music: Bjork – Hyperballad

Video: David Attenborough – First Life

David Attenborough one of the best science presenter and educator with his unique voice and exciting presentation. First life explains the origins of life through fossils, technology and living examples. There are too much to know and too little time to understand but thanks to people like David and technology we get to see and experience evidence of who we are and what makes us so special in the universe. I wish he was my grandfather, where I get to accompany him to all these remote places, take pictures and listen to him telling me the story of life. Enjoy!

The Billboard: Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov

Video: Jacque Fresco on Larry King

Jacque Fresco is an inspirational man. He is very well spoken, and his words and ideas are very clear. To me, he is the definition of a natural leader, and how I wish every politician or person with power shares views like those of Mr. Fresco. The world would be a better place. “I believe they [people] can change quickly if the information is presented to them clearly.” I recommend watching this interview, especially if you are pursuing architecture and engineering or have an interest in these fields. For more information on Fresco’s designs click here.

Video: Imagination

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