Video: Jacque Fresco on Larry King

Jacque Fresco is an inspirational man. He is very well spoken, and his words and ideas are very clear. To me, he is the definition of a natural leader, and how I wish every politician or person with power shares views like those of Mr. Fresco. The world would be a better place. “I believe they [people] can change quickly if the information is presented to them clearly.” I recommend watching this interview, especially if you are pursuing architecture and engineering or have an interest in these fields. For more information on Fresco’s designs click here.

Photography: Urban Hike. Kuwait City. February 2013

One of many ways to connect to your surroundings and enjoy the outdoors is by walking. We remember more on our legs. I find it exciting to walk between buildings, parks, markets, trails, highways and among the people. Urban Hikes is a series of many more to come, exploring my surroundings. This hike, my friend and I parked our car at the Alhamra building and walked to Souq Al-Mubarakiya. Throughout and for only 200 fils, we even threw in a bus ride just to experience our seldom used public transport. We had lunch at the old market of Mubarakiya and enjoyed our conversations with retired gentlemen who now hang out at the old coffee shops. We talked openly about politics, life and hobbies. These are some of the photos and people we met.

UH.Kuwait City 1