Books: Infidel. Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This book tells a story about one woman’s journey from the dark ages to progress. Ayaan Hirsi Ali went face to face with her family, clan, sub clan, society, strangers, the system and politics to get to where she is today*(this book was written in 2007). She is one hell of a courageous woman.Wonderful read!




  1. Hisri is a big phony and is now banned from The Netherlands. An opportunist, a home wrecker and an overall con.
    Please google her parliament mishaps, her support of Gert Wilders an outspoken racist and Islamaphobe Dutch MP.
    Lastly, she has confused African traditions of female mutilations with Islamic culture and her intolerance to Islam is born out of revenge and a distorted childhood, many women experience the same but few turn it into a money-making campaign to spread ignorance.

    • Hello Baida,
      I think i disagree with you. Islam in the Gulf is different than Islam in Africa, Asia and Europe. Each region has its own interpretation according to their genes and culture. but they all represent one thing and using one book and one god. Killing or having the right to kill whoever questions it. Ayaan is emphasizing that it is time to criticize it and develop it so it can be practiced in the 21st century. She is telling her story from her own perspective. Showing her personal journey. Sharing her story with other humans who have empathy and compassion for another fellow human being regardless of her/his belief system. She is a strong woman.


  1. […] this book Ayaan follows up on her family situation from where it left off in her first book Infidel.  At this point, Ayaan has moved to the USA yet still faces some of the same issues she faced […]

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