Photography: Aurora Borealis – The Northern Lights

Words cannot describe how I felt, after chasing the lights for many years. The best way to share this experience and to describe the Northern Lights is through photography. It wasn’t easy taking the pictures, as you have to deal with many factors: 1.The excitement 2. The freezing cold temperatures 3. Staying awake from midnight to sunrise 4. Keeping warm 5. The technical equipment 6. The long drive and securing location. During our stay in Tromso, Norway it was raining and snowing the whole time except for our last night, where we joined the excellent Arctic Explorers, who led us all the way into Finland and its dry night and clear skies for a chance to find the aurora borealis. Finally we saw them, and here I’ll let the photos describe my emotions. Technical note: when you have your shutter open for as long as 30 seconds, all forms of light will get into the picture.  In one photo, you will see a red light, this was from the brake lights of our van.



  1. Awesome photos.

  2. Great photos. I have added this to my bucket list, but I need a bigger bucket.


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