Photography: Stargazing. Kuwait 2013

We live in a wonderful universe made up of billions of stars and planets. The best way to see them is by being away from the city lights and pollution. It is hard to find a clear spot in the desert, especially during the camping season, but if you drive far enough into the Saudi border you can get clearer skies. This weekend I went to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way in the sky. Thanks to q8geek for organizing a trip like this, I truly recommend it. These are some of the photos I captured.



  1. It was nice to meet people who share the same passion. Did you manage to generate any star trails?
    I did this one with about 240 images. Still haven’t processed many of the photos.
    Salmi Desert-Star Trails
    I noticed that the horizon line is tilted in some of the pictures. I use the “Virtual Horizon” option on my D800 to ensure straight horizon.

    • Hello there, Thank you for your feedback. your picture is AMAZING! I need to practice more. i am trying to find a software for mac to stack all the photos for the star trail. will post it when i find it 🙂

      • Thank you. Another interesting thing that you can do with the multiple images is create short videos. In this case, I used a stacking software first to stack the frames together at each stage, and then put them into a video editor (I used Pinnacle). It really helps us understand the way our earth moves around the stars.

        If you need any help as far as your camera gear is concerned, let me know.

  2. Love your work.

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