Video: Want To Be Happier? Stay In The Moment – Matt Killingsworth

The concepts of happiness and love have been hijacked by Hallmark, appeasing the huge markets of people enthralled in movements such as The Secret and The Power of Now, which in my opinion are all forms of pseudoscience. On the other hand, they can be easily experienced if we truly try to understand the science behind them. Through experiments and research, scientists have found out that those emotions are universal between all humans, of which the function of the human brain very often wanders around.  Sam Harris calls it the voice within that is constantly speaking to you. If we learn more about this voice or this state of mind, we will have a better understanding on how to capture the particular moments that lead to happiness and love. I think neuroscience and meditation, as another alternative, are great tools to understand consciousness, and maybe a way to truly understand love and happiness. Enjoy!

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