Articles: Top 10 Things You Can’t Prove But People Believe Anyway

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  1. I think Intuition had been proved, I guess. I’ve previously watched a documentary that talked about it, and specially among firemen.

  2. People believe there is no God and you can’t prove that. As above, intuition has been proven. Use the word “determinism” rather than fate and many would say that has been proven. Karma, from a pragmatic perspective, is little more than common sense. If you want friends, be friendly. If you are an ass, you will be alone. If you are generous, people are more willing to be helpful to you. Is it failproof? No. But it is a truism that you reap what you sow. Asteology, psychics, ghosts… bleh. Aliens… back to the first statement, people don’t believe in aliens but you can’t prove that either. Given the number of stars and the likely number of planets, I would say that it is a statistical likelihood that there is sentient life out there somewhere.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree on intuition and determinism, as now we know our genes and environment shape who we are and some scientists think we dont have free will and we are predetermined to do things. Some experiments show that the barin chooses milliseconds before we choose. As for Aliens, there might be some sort of life somewhere given the vast number of starts and galaxies out there but not necessarily the way humans describe them. As for everything else, especially God and ghosts, they all dont exists to me until I meet one of them 🙂

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