Photography: Night Sky – Mongolia

One of the things I like to do is take pictures of the night sky whenever I have the chance, While in Mongolia I snapped some pictures at night outside my tent at Lake Khoton, Tavan Bogd camp and somewhere in between along the drive. The only disadvantage about taking these images is standing in the middle of the night in the bitter cold and half asleep. On top of that, the sounds of howling wolves from the forest over looking lake Khoton made me try to speed up the 30 second exposure as I stood in the dark. With that said, it was worth every minute. Enjoy!

Mongolia-night-sky-tent-milkyway-thegeneralist3 Mongolia-night-sky-tent-milkyway-thegeneralist1 Mongolia-night-sky-tent-milkyway-thegeneralist2 Mongolia-night-sky-tent-milkyway-thegeneralist4


  1. These are unbelievable, J. Living in dusty, murky-skied Kuwait, it feels like stars died along with the dinosaurs (I mean, technically stars are dead, but you know what I mean :). These really are spectacular. And what’s a bit of cold, sleep-deprivation and the risk of ending up on a wolf’s menu next to these magnificent shots?

  2. Incredible photos! You really have to be a few miles away from civilization to see stars like that.

  3. These are so humbling. Thanks for sharing them.

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