Interest: A Day Celebrating Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman is no ordinary man. He is something else. Every once and a while the gene pool produces a human being who has the full package; intelligent, humble, funny, artistic, positive, and socially smart. Feynman has a unique perspective of the world, the way he got to all his ideas through examples of everyday life from a spinning plate in the air to jiggling atoms. He seemed to be at ease with life. I wish I had the chance to meet him. On Saturday May 11th 2013 I am attending a full day celebration of his memory in London at Bloomsbury theatre . “A variety evening mixing particle physics, comedy, music and contemporary dance, celebrating Richard Feynman with Robin Ince, Marcus Chown, Jon Butterworth and Festival of the Spoken Nerd”.

I have been a big fan of Feynman, I have collected all his books, art work and lectures. Watched almost all his videos on the interent. I will post my review of the event later next week. I am very excited I can’t hide it 🙂



Photography: Night Photography. Kuwait – April. 2013

Yesterday I decided to go on an urban hike at night to play around with street lights. It definitely has a different feeling than day light photography. You get to capture the serenity of the night and you get to appreciate all spectrum of light from red , which has the longest wave length to blue, which has the shortest wave length.  I truly recommend it!

night-photography-Kuwait-pedestrian-Bridge-Mishrif-2013 night-photography-Kuwait-Mishrif-walkway-2013 night-photography-Kuwait-ambulance-Bridge-2013 night-photography-Kuwait-side-view-Bridge-2013 night-photography-Kuwait-Mishrif-Bridge-2013night-photography-Kuwait-traffic-Bridge-2013