Video: Paradise or Oblivion

“Merely complaining without posing an alternative offers nothing.”

“لا قيمة للشكوى دون تقديم بدائل”

Articles: Islam and Science

The theory of evolution by natural selection is all about change and adaptation. Nothing stays the same or stands still, if it does, then things will die out and won’t be passed on for the future. This applies to, as simple as, the survival of a tree to the survival of an idea in an adult human brain. The future of the people of the Middle East, is to learn to adapt and accept change.

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Articles: Inside the world’s most ‘impossible’ science project

It makes me happy to know that people from my region of the world, the Middle East, are working together towards progress using science. It is rare to find pronounced Arab scientists, given the political and religious difficulties they encounter, however the SESAME project is the true definition of peace through the world of science.

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