Interest: Home Microscope

A few years ago, my family got me a digital microscope for my birthday. The samples that come with the package include slices of onion skin, a horse fly leg, cotton and a wood stem. It’s fascinating to see cells form into patterns and designs on a microscopic level through artistic eyes, when the reality is what we see is years of evolution, construction and the random complexity of life. There is so much to see and I can’t wait to look into more fun stuff. Any recommendations?



Microscope-LCD-Stem-wood-Dicotyledon-7 Microscope-LCD-Epidermis-Onion-1 Microscope-LCD-Stem-wood-Dicotyledon-3 Microscope-LCD-horse-fly-leg-2 Microscope-LCD-horse-fly-leg-1


  1. It may be obvious; however, please allow me to suggest butterfly wings (from specimens already collected) as a fascinating study under a low-powered light microscope. Beyond this and the specimens already examined, almost anything from either the natural or the man-made world will reveal an enlightening and stunning beauty and complexity when magnified.

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