Interest: Breast Milk Under The Microscope

The Magic of Breast Milk, Not only is it the source of nourishment for my baby but also it looks magical under my humble microscope.

Interest: Home Microscope

A few years ago, my family got me a digital microscope for my birthday. The samples that come with the package include slices of onion skin, a horse fly leg, cotton and a wood stem. It’s fascinating to see cells form into patterns and designs on a microscopic level through artistic eyes, when the reality is what we see is years of evolution, construction and the random complexity of life. There is so much to see and I can’t wait to look into more fun stuff. Any recommendations?



Microscope-LCD-Stem-wood-Dicotyledon-7 Microscope-LCD-Epidermis-Onion-1 Microscope-LCD-Stem-wood-Dicotyledon-3 Microscope-LCD-horse-fly-leg-2 Microscope-LCD-horse-fly-leg-1