Video: Was There a ‘Beginning’ of the Universe?

Video: HUMAN – Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Beautiful project and film. For more information go human the movie

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Video: The Origins Project

The Origins Project is one of my favorite science projects out there. Not only it is led by Lawrence Krauss, it also organizes the best debates with intriguing participants and their great minds about the most fundamental questions such as, who are we? and where do we come from? I have posted few talks previously on my blog before  and recommend checking out their website and their list of events. Enjoy 🙂

Video: Brian Cox Visits The World’s Biggest Vacuum Chamber

I keep watching this over and over. I don’t know why this experiment is fascinating to me. The idea that things might not be falling instead, they are just there floating is space until another force interferes, is fucking fantastic. Realizing that perspective plays a huge role on how we look at things. It reminds me of the wave/particle experiment. If you remember, how sometimes light acts as particle and sometimes as wave, I have a feeling it all has to do with perspective as well. Anyway must watch 🙂

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